Book Review: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

September 11, 2004

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle
by Beverly Cleary

This book is about the friendship between a boy named Keith, who has a toy motorcycle, and a mouse named Ralph who learns to ride it.

To give you an idea or two about how Cleary thinks, it’s no problem for Keith and Ralph to talk to each other because all motorcycle lovers speak the same language, and it’s no problem for a mouse to ride a toy motorcycle because any little boy can tell you that if you make a “pbbbrrrrm” noise it will go.

Ralph’s adventures are sometimes hair-raising, often hilarious, and the friendship between the two motorcycle fanciers–mouse and boy–is warm and sweet. I understand Cleary wrote several more stories about Ralph the mouse. If they are as charming as this one, I recommend them too.