Fantastic Beasts for Muggles: Which Would You Have as a Pet?

Fantastic Beasts for Muggles: Which Would You Have as a Pet?

After reading through Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them by “Newt Scammander,” I realized there are quite a few beasts that knowledgable Muggles may be able to handle and a few  I would like to have for various reasons. If you are unfamiliar with these beasts, I suggest grabbing a copy of the book or heading over to the Harry Potter Wiki for a refresher. Here’s a countdown of the most useful: 

10. Flobberworm – The most boring of all the beasts, but it won’t eat you. Very little maintenance required and inexpensive upkeep. Just provide the flobberworm with lettuce or cabbage and moist soil to live in.


9. Clabberts – They are similar to monkeys. Can be used in place of Christmas ornaments if one is tired of hanging them up every year. However, they do possess razor-sharp teeth, so cuddling with them may not be advisable. Best if they are just kept in the yard – as long as you are not a bird fan or an owner of birds. For those of you who do not care for lizards, they will rid you of this problem. 


8. Diricawl – While possible to own, its ability to disappear at will may pose issues to the owner. The side benefit is that if the Diricawl disappears, it can serve as a warning that there may be danger near – unless it considers the owner a danger.

7. Imps – For those who live in swampy areas and have a sense of humor, they are mischief’s  creatures known to push or trip the unwary. They also eat insects. May aid in reducing mosquito populations.


6. Jobberknoll – Eats insects. May be good for pest control. If you have a noisy household, the Jobberknoll’s death may be a long, arduous, and revealing experience since it repeats every sound it has ever heard.

5. Fairy – Wonderful for lawn decoration


4. Augury — Great beast to keep around for weathermen/women to help them predict when it is going to rain. Every weather station should have a flock of these birds. Beware of Chizpufle, though they may not grow in a non-magical household. Not to be combined with fairy ownership.


3. Phoenix – For anyone who can manage to domesticate one, their tears have healing powers, and their song gives courage to the good and invokes fear into the hearts of the evil. They may be used for travel since they can carry up to four people by their tail feathers. They can also be used to deliver messages. Immensely loyal pets.


2. Kneazle – If the MoM will allow it and if the Kneazle approves of “ownership.” It is great for those who may be directionally challenged or get lost easily. They also aid in the detection of those who should and should not be trusted. Hermione’s pet, Crookshanks, is thought to be half Kneazle. They can also be bred for a living (Arabella Figg).


1. Puffskein – This is my favorite pet. Not only is it a cuddly companion that does not object to be thrown about, but it also eats anything, especially bugs. It also eats spiders, which is amazing for those who do not care for the eight-legged creatures. If I had to pick one fantastic beast, I would choose a Puffskein, or the Weasley miniature breed, the Pygmy Puff.


Which fantastic beast would you like to have as a pet?


All photos are from the Harry Potter Wiki unless otherwise mentioned.


  1. Puffskeins all the way!!!!

  2. This is so hard because I want all of them! Probably a Puffskein, a Kneazle or a Niffler. Is it weird that I’ve always found Flobberworms oddly adorable?

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