“Harry Potter” in One (Paragraph, Sentence, Word…)

“Harry Potter” in One (Paragraph, Sentence, Word…)

Harry Potter didn’t just escape to Hogwarts: He took us with him. As he delved, we followed, gliding along behind, our fingertips reaching for seven spines to crack open. Our tears, our laughter, our pursed, concentrated lips like we were preparing our own spells to cast. And it wasn’t just for him… we made friends, too, and worked to keep those. We remained by their side and battled for their rights, our rights, everyone’s. It was never about making it our own world. Rather, it was JKR letting us stroll into such a heartwarming and touching story. Letting us experience love, pain, and beauty, perhaps for the first time but most certainly not the last. Here was a boy who had every chance to be bad, but we willed him to be good. He couldn’t hear us, but we were still there, still present, still rooting for the classic good triumphing over evil, but somehow still knowing that just because good triumphs does not mean there are not losses. Harry showed us the fantastical way of literature.

Through the aid of others and his good heart, a boy wizard battled the obstacles that obstructed his and his friends’ way, in turn sharing his love with us.


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