How Would You Use Your Magic?

How Would You Use Your Magic?

Imagine you woke up one day with the ability to perform any of the types of magic performed by the witches and wizards of the Harry Potter series, but you could only choose one purpose for this skill. What would you do with this ability?

Would you use Apparation? You would not have to deal with driving to work or school in traffic, and travel would be simple. Do you want to see the pyramids? Done. How about the Australian outback? Done.

Would you finish your chores with the wave of a wand? Think of all the time and energy you might save on dishes, tidying your room, or doing laundry if it could be completed in an instant.

Would you use an invisibility cloak? Not only would pranking be extremely fun, but you might also be able to be a voyeur on conversations or events that you might not have normally been able to see or hear.

Would you use a Time-Turner? You would never have the excuse of not getting enough sleep.

Would you fly on a broomstick? Although you would not be able to play Quidditch with your friends (unless they chose this same power), being able to ride a broomstick would be thrilling!

What power would you choose? Leave a comment suggesting another power that would be practical or exciting to have, or comment with which of these powers you would choose!


  1. I don’t know why I was thinking about this last night, but I sort of resolved to only use charms. Curses and other spells for direct combat seem rudimentary for a species of magic wielding wizards.

  2. I would love to be a metamorphmagus. It would be fun to go around changing form and mimicking other people.

  3. I have three. I would love the housework one, but I would also love to be a Metamorphangus or an Animagus.

  4. Charms. That could essentially serve many a purpose.

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