Is Harry Potter Divergent?

Is Harry Potter Divergent?

SPOILER ALERT: For those of you who have not seen the Divergent or have not read the books, this article will have minute spoilers.

Divergent is an individual who tests into two or more factions. Ultimately they have to choose one, and that choice will define them.

Hogwarts students aren’t put into a simulation to determine their houses, but the Sorting Hat does analyze their minds to find where to place them. Harry has gifts that would put him in Slytherin but a desire for anything but. The hat puts him in Gryffindor, meaning he also has an aptitude for bravery (which he proves throughout the books/movies). Does this make him Divergent? And if so, which factions do you believe he would have tested for? Why?

The same goes for Hermione. The Sorting Hat considered putting her in Ravenclaw but chose Gryffindor.  Is she Divergent? Which factions do you believe she would test for and why?

Looking forward to a discussion Erudite and Ravenclaw would be proud of. See you all in the comments section. And just for fun, which faction(s) would you test into? Which would you choose? Why?

You can also take a faction quiz here

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  1. I honestly think Harry is more Dauntless than any other faction…it seems to me, that out of the Golden trio, Hermione is the Divergent. She is brave, selfless, and cunning. (Let’s be honest, there’s no way any of them could be Candor. Or Amity-the world they live in won’t allow it.)

    • Great response! I believe Harry is more dauntless too, in the original heart of the faction. And there is a great deal of abegnation in him. I believe that is key to his choosing to use his bravery for the good of others instead of holding it selflessly and using it for the good of himself (a slytherin quality).
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. well this is a fun discussion. I definitely think Harry would be Divergent, also Hermione, and possibly Ron.

    Harry would probably test into both Dauntless and Abnegation. I would even say he’d probably have some Amity somewhere in there. But he definitely wouldn’t fit into just one faction. He’s brave and selfless. Dauntless faction believes in ordinary acts of bravery and also conquering fear. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry’s Boggart is a Dementor, which is like fear itself incarnated. Instead of running from that fear, he immediately seeks out a way to defend himself (and also teaches his peers how to in Order of the Phoenix) against them. Harry doesn’t shut down from fear and there’s plenty he has to be afraid of! He always tends to want to go it alone as well in dangerous situations, he never wants his friends to come in harms way. Very Abnegation.

    Hermione would be Dauntless and Erudite if she was to take the Aptitude Test. She’s highly logical and naturally curious. She’s the only one out of the trio who actively spends time in the library, her favorite place, mastering new spells, and also learning valuable knowledge that helps her friends. I would also argue she’s also Abnegation and Candor as well. She’s one of the only characters who cares about how the house-elves are being treated.

    Ron on the other hand, I think he could be Divergent or he could just be Dauntless. Bravery runs in his family. But I also see Abnegation in the Weasleys as well. Ron also doesn’t have a filter so he could easily belong in Candor as well.

    It’s a lot of other characters that could be Divergent. Luna could be Amity and Dauntless. Dumbledore would definitely be Dauntless, Erudite, and Candor, so would Professor McGonagall. This is a great discussion!

    • Wow! Love your assessment.
      I think the hero’s in the story are those that don’t fit into one mold or who grow not to fit into it. Ron may have been just dauntless in the beginning, but his friendship with Harry and love of Hermione made him much more. They got him out of his box. Harry made him more abegnation and Hermione made him more erudite (I believe).
      Luna is the ultimate divergent. A brave, selfless, honest, genius, who is very kind. She is very strongly all five factions.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  3. No no no. Harry only could have fit.imto slytherine because the hat was picking up voldemorts soul. Thats not.divergent

    • Interesting observation. But, did that bit of Voldemort’s soul affect who Harry was growing to become? Would he have been a different boy had he not had the battle between himself and true evil within him? I think having Voldemort’s soul made him very capable of becoming a Slytherin. He could have embraced it. He could have chased after its power. I think his “divergence” helped him to see outside who he was “infected” to be and become who he wanted to be.
      Just a thought. Great observation!

  4. I think a better question here is what faction do you think Neville would be in? It’s proven that he can be brave when he needs to be, but would he be brave enough to not only test as Dauntless but also choose it in the choosing ceremony?

  5. The thing about the houses isn’t that you’re sorted into the house that fits your trait, but the house that has the traits you most value. Peter Pettigrew definitely wasn’t brave, but he admired bravery. Hermione would have fitted brilliantly into Ravenclaw, but she valued bravery above brains. In the faction system, however, you’re sorted on YOUR behaviour – not the behaviour you respect in others. Neville, although Gryffindor, is not Dauntless. He’s not reckless or ‘stupid’ like the Dauntless are, but he does admire bravery. The two systems don’t coincide, so being put into a house that embodies a certain trait doesn’t mean you’ll be put into the respective faction.

  6. Harry (like his mother) is incredibly selfless. He was willing to die for all of those people in the Battle of Hogwarts. Sure, some of them were his friends, but most were unknow people.

    I think Harry also shows selfness when he goes to the Ministry to “save” Sirius.
    Yes, it ended out terribly wrong, but Harry didn’t mind dying for Sirius, althout he thought that Voldemort was there and he wanted to kill Harry.
    He never wished to get attention, in fact, we see in the book that he hates being famous. He has a “hero-complex”, in his head, Harry has to save people, to help them, to put their needs in front of his.

    Yes, he shows extremely bravery, but I don’t think Dauntless would really please him. Harry doesn’t want to do dangerous things, he doesn’t chase them- insteed, danger chases him.
    Overall, I think that Dauntless would appeal to him at first, but Abnegation life style would catch his attention ultimately.

    As for Hermione, I choose Erudite for her. I don’t really see the “Divergent” thing.
    Bedsides, Erudite and Ravenclaw aren’t that similiar. Both of them value wisdom and knowledge, but Ravenclaw is more about clever, creative and open-minded, while Erudite are more logical and theorical.

    In my opinion, Ron is the Divergent between Dauntless and Candor. Candor because he simply has no filter. He doesn’t hide his emotions: if he is sad, angry, jealous, happy or simply confused, he shows it.
    Dauntless because Ron is very brave and I think, because he is from a big family with lots of siblings, who have done great things, he would try hard to get people to notice him. Maybe if he does dangerous things, like jumping of a train, he’ll receive the attention from his siblings
    In the end, Ron would choose Dauntless, because that is where I would put most of his family members (Except Percy).

  7. The goal of the experiment in Veronica Roth’s trilogy is for everyone to be divergent. Thus, in our society and the Wizarding World which have not had genetic engineering, everyone is divergent.

    So the question should be which faction would they choose? Harry -> Candor, Hermoine -> Erudite, Ron -> Dauntless, Neville -> Dauntless (but he’d fail and become factionless)

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