More Than Just a Pretty Face

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Fleur Delacour is a character better known for her loftiness and beauty than her accomplishments and acts of humanity. I took what I believe to be Fleur’s top five best moments in the Harry Potter novels in the hope of reminding everyone that, though she is a bit annoying at times to both the reader and the Weasley women, Fleur deserves a lot more recognition than she gets.


5. Getting picked for the Triwizard Tournament

Fleur being chosen for the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire is something that is commonly overlooked. Out of all the of-age delegates from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, both male and female, Fleur was thought to be the best choice for a competition that tests bravery, intelligence, and magical ability.

4. Praising Harry when he saved Gabrielle

Even though she is known by Ginny and Hermione for her snobbish behavior, after the second task of the Triwizard Tournament (again in GoF), Fleur shows us for the first time how selfless she can be. Not only does she genuinely acclaim Harry for “saving” her sister Gabrielle and acknowledges the altruism of his actions, but once the points are awarded she also claims that she deserved “zero points” for not rescuing her sister herself, revealing that Fleur is capable of shaming herself as well as others.

3. Letting the trio stay at Shell Cottage

In Deathly Hallows, Harry feels guilty about how much danger he, Ron, and Hermione are putting Bill and Fleur in by staying at Shell Cottage. When he apologizes to Fleur for all the trouble, she insists,”‘Arry, you saved my sister’s life. I do not forget.” She is still so grateful and loyal to Harry for his act of bravery that took place three years prior and is willing to sacrifice her and Bill’s personal safety by agreeing that Shell Cottage could be used as a safe house.

2. Participating in the Battle of Seven Potters

Another act of bravery that we see from Fleur was at the very beginning of Deathly Hallows, when she voluntarily took part in the dangerous process of moving Harry from Privet Drive to The Burrow. She risked her life for the safety of others, which should not be something that is overlooked.

1. Her loyalty and love for Bill

Fleur’s most shining moment was at the end of Half-Blood Prince, when she proved her loyalty to Bill Weasley, her fiancé. Werewolf Fenrir Greyback permanently scarred Bill at the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, leaving his face not only scarred but also somewhat deformed. When Molly Weasley remarked on how Fleur would surely no longer wish to marry Bill because of his appearance, Fleur was offended and famously stated,

What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave!

Fleur and Molly then made up, but the real importance of this moment was that it was the pinnacle of Fleur’s character development; she showed everyone that she wasn’t all about materialistic values and looks and that she would no doubt stay in love with her fiancé, no matter what he looked like. This may not be a big “act of loyalty” to characters that don’t care as much about outward appearances, but this is a big step for someone who is known in three books mainly by her beauty. Because Fleur is so proud of her own good looks, others forget that that is not all that matters to her in the world.

What do you think? Has this changed your opinion of Fleur? Or do you still believe that she is not worthy of praise? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I was actually saddened when they didn’t use many of her “good parts” in the movies. The books really gave her more dimension that she is given in the movies.

  2. Indeed, I do agree she’s a very strong character. Nevertheless, it was pretty much until the end of HBP.

    To be honest, on GoF I didn’t like her that much. I do take into account she was one of the Triwizard Tournament Champions but there are certain comments she made during her year in Hogwarts that make me not having a good first impression.

    Ginny & Hermione, they both messed with her before HBP ending. Just at the beginning of the book when Harry gets to the Burrow. Hermione, in my personal opinion, out of jealousy. At this point she still looks at Fleur like “the girl Ronald was checking out” on GoF. I wager she wanted Ron to look at her in the same way.

    As of Ginny, maybe she was just annoyed. We only see things through Harry’s perspective, we can’t tell for sure how things have been for the amount of time Fleur’s been there. She isn’t very used to have another girl in the house, specially a gorgeous quarter-veela. We also have the old “British Vs. French” people prejudice.

    Surely, her character developed a lot within the next months; there’s where we start seeing her as a strong female. So strong, that she survived the Battle of Hogwarts. This last was for me one of the best moments. Too bad you didn’t include it Ana.

    • Hi, I really like this comment! And the reason I decided not to include Battle of Hogwarts was even thought that was incredibly brave for her to participate, there wasn’t really a specific “Fleur moment” with that event and so many others fought too that she didn’t really stand out in that scene. I still agree with what you said about it being a strong moment :)

  3. I think this is a great reminder of Fleur’s true, overall character. All of the characters in the Harry Potter series have both darkness and light, weaknesses and strengths. That’s what makes them memorable and the Harry Potter series so great and classic!

  4. People usually forget how amazing Fleur actually is. So, thank you for this post.

  5. I just SO agree with you. I reread the sixth book a month ago and I had forgotten how Molly, Ginny and Hermione hated Fleur. I was just “why? well, she can be silly sometimes, but we all are”. And her French accent made me laugh (to see how it was written in the book) because I’m French too!

  6. Jazmin McIntire

    Also, when Harry said they were leaving Shell Cottage, she immediately spoke against it, saying that they were safe there, she obviously cared about Harry’s safety. I always liked Fluer despite her vanity because she is loyal, and has a strong spirit.

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