Book Review: Dragons Riders of Berk – Volume 1: Dragon Down

Book Review: Dragons Riders of Berk – Volume 1: Dragon Down

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My Summary: Snoutlout’s dragon, Hookfang, is shedding scales–scales that rain down fire on the village of Berk. For this he is cast out until his shedding season ends. When Snoutlout looks for Hookfang the next morning, he is nowhere to be found. Hiccup and his gang of dragon riders set up a search party. Meanwhile Alvin the Terrible is on the hunt for Hookfang as well. Will Hiccup be able to save Hookfang before Alvin finds him? Or is Alvin after something more than a dragon from Berk?


Review: Dragons Riders of Berk is based on the How to Train Your Dragon movie and the Dragons: Riders of Berk TV series (Nickelodeon), and features all-new original adventures of Hiccup and Toothless. The series takes place in the five year span between the first and second movies. It is a graphic novel and reads like watching a cartoon TV series. Very entertaining with a mini plot line that adults and children can both enjoy–much like the movie. The novel is thirty-five pages long and is laid out like a comic book, with graphics that are spot-on with the movie. This looks like it is going to be a great series to get into especially with the second movie coming out June 13th (US), July 4th (UK).

This is the first graphic novel I’ve read. I was surprised by how it grabbed me very quickly. Looking forward to the volumes to come!

Dragons Riders of Berk is written by Simon Furman (Transformers, Matt hatter Chronicles). Art work by Iwan Nazif.

Available at Walmart for $6.28. Great read! Five lightning bolt scars!


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