15 Times ‘Harry Potter’ Influenced the World We Live in Today

15 Times ‘Harry Potter’ Influenced the World We Live in Today

1. The time J.K. Rowling sold 500 million copies of Harry Potter, making her one of five self-made female billionaire’s and winning her the Guinness Book of World Records title of best selling copyright book in the U.K.


2. The time Germany named a new species of wasp after a Dementor, the Ampulex Dementor.


3. The time Universal Studios built a Harry Potter theme park:


4. And then the time they built the expansion:


5. When Google added Street View to the Diagon Alley set in Warner Bros. Studios in England:


6. There’s Leaky Con:


7. And Butterbeer:


8. And Potter-themed weddings (like Meredith and Josh’s):


9. The time you didn’t have to be a wizard to share the classroom with Harry:

(Many colleges and Universities are now offering courses based on Harry Potter content like Yale, Georgetown and University of Maryland)


10. The time the U.S. Military invested in ‘magic-based warfare’:


11. When Quidditch became a thing:


12. The creation of Lumos, a charity chaired by the Potter author that has positively impacted the lives of millions:


13. The time Japan compared China to Lord Voldemort in a diplomatic stand-off surrounding world peace:


14. And there was that one time J.K. Rowling tried to ship Harry and Hermione and the entire world almost imploded…

(All hail the Harmonians!)


15. And last but not least, the large online community presence we all enjoy today:



  1. You forgot the dinosaur Dracorex Hogwartsia that was intentionally Harry themed.

  2. J.K. Rowling didn’t try to ship Harry with Hermione. She just questioned Ron and Hermione as a couple. The press and fandom twisted the article. Exaggerating what she actually said. It’s amusing how it’s exactly what J.K. Rowling hates. The press twisting things.

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