Just Another Letter to JKR

Just Another Letter to JKR

To: Ms. J.K. Rowling, somewhere in Scotland, hopefully writing other amazing stories

Ms. Rowling, I can’t tell you how much the Harry Potter books have meant to me. There are absolutely no words to describe my bond to the series. I cannot choose a favorite character or a favorite storyline. Every part of the Harry Potter books is crafted beautifully. They have been my favorite books from the moment I picked them up eight years ago at the age of eight. There have been no other books that have affected me as much as Harry Potter has.

Harry Potter has kept me here in this world. It made me realize that I can’t give up, even if the odds are against me. I’ve got to keep fighting, just like Harry, Ron, Hermione, the rest of the Weasleys, Dumbledore’s Army, and the Order of the Phoenix. The books have taught me so much about life, and they’ve really shaped who I am.

There won’t ever be an end to Harry Potter, and I’m not just speaking about the mass market or consumerism with all the products and theme parks galore. I’m talking about the spark it furnished in our hearts.

Here’s another thing: You’ve given me hope that my writing could be published one day. Without you, I might not have come to realize who I am and what I wish to accomplish.

Your humanitarian work shows much about who you are as a person and the respect you have for struggling people and just humanity in general. You know, and you see, and you understand, and that’s evident even in the books.

Thank you for teaching me how to fall in love, and not romantically: with the beauty and precision and fleeting moments that encompass Harry Potter.

From: Alyssa, the United States, wishing she was at Hogwarts

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