The Parable of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Nicole L. Rivera

The Parable of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Nicole L. Rivera

I think what makes this book review unique is that the book was written by one of our very own MuggleNet staffers, Nicole L. Rivera. You may have seen her collaborative posts with me for the MuggleNet WOULD YOU RATHER articles, but working for the world’s #1 Harry Potter website is only one of the many projects Nicole has embarked on.

She is also the author of a series of eBooks called The Parables of Harry Potter. I recently read The Parable of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the latest release and number four in an eventual series of seven books. When I first heard of the titles, I thought maybe the books talked about the lessons that the Potter series teaches its readers. Turns out I wasn’t far off. These eBooks read like a daily devotional guide, taking themes or ideas in the Harry Potter books and relating them to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With section titles such as “If It Hadn’t Been for Voldemort” and “Hermione’s Advice”, she briefly analyzes the topic at hand and then presents a challenge to the reader: to take the lesson and apply it. There is also a prayer at the end of each section, asking God to work in our lives using the idea being discussed.

Don’t be deterred by the fact that the book focuses on Christianity, as Nicole came to the Christian faith through the Harry Potter series, being a once self-proclaimed atheist. It doesn’t shove religion down your throat, but is a very unique book in the way it blends Christianity with the Harry Potter world. The subtitle “Devotionals from the Wizarding World” is a perfect example of what the book attempts to do: take something like Harry Potter, which most people recognize and know about, and introduce them to Jesus Christ, a concept they may not understand.

“I didn’t read the books and immediately make the connection, rather I believe they were a parable in my life—a story used to reach me with some level of understanding before I was ready to accept (I was quite stubborn against God and all things Christianity). They acted to ready my heart. Only later while reading about parables did I realize the impact the series had in bringing me to faith and allowing me to more deeply understand that faith.”

I’ve talked with Nicole about Christianity and our beliefs and we have a lot of things in common within our belief structures. Her struggles and her demons are her own to discuss, but while a lot of the Christian world sees the Harry Potter books as works of the devil, she sees the books as an opportunity (and I tend to agree) to bring the world to Jesus Christ. She believes God used the Harry Potter books to help save her life and if a person comes to Christ in the end, does it matter what tools were used to get there?

If you are searching or are just plain curious, I recommend reading The Parables of Harry Potter series.  Click the link below to purchase the eBooks from Smashwords.

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