Book Review: “A Cunning Masquerade” (Order of the MoonStone #1.5) by J.C. Morrows

Accio Book!

Let me start off by saying the Order of the MoonStone series is a must read for anyone into dystopian fiction. Hunger Games fans will love it—or, at least this one does.

A Cunning Masquerade is a short-story that takes place between book 1 and book 2*. It gives us a glimpse into the day(s) leading up to a ball that takes place shortly after our Cinderella-assassin, Kayden, returns to the palace. However, her reception by Prince Dvarius is not at all what she suspected. And, one of the two main characters will make a decision at the end of this short-story that may play a huge roll how book 2 will unfold.

Short-stories usually are not my thing, but when tied to a series that I’m falling for, it is a must read. My only qualm with this story is that there is no mention of the big incident that happens at the end of book 1, and I’m assuming, drives Kayden from the palace once again. Then again, there could be a very good reason the “incident” at the end of book 1 is not mentioned. We’ll have to wait for book 2, A Treacherous Decision, to find out.
I’m thoroughly looking forward to book 2. I hope you’ll join me in discovering this up-and-coming fandom.

*After writing the review, I realized that A Cunning Masquerade doesn’t take place between books 1 and 2. Rather, it is an insight into what happens when Kayden returns to the palace in book 1. We get to see a snippet of what we didn’t see in book 1, A Reluctant Assassin. A great read over all. If you haven’t read A Reluctant Assassin yet, I’d say pick it up. When you get to the part where Kayden returns to the palace, pause and read A Cunning Masquerade, then go back to Assassin.

Happy reading!