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Senior Reviewer

Robbie began writing reviews and editorials for MuggleNet in 2003, when he was “31 on the outside and 13 on the inside.” Now considerably older on the outside, he still gets the same boyish thrill out of sharing good stories with friends of all ages. His mission is to help young readers, especially those caught up in the world of Harry Potter, find even more wonder and pleasure in the wide world of books.

Robbie is a book booster, looking for good things to say about each book he recommends. His aim is to encourage readers to share the joy that he has discovered in so many books. But he also understands that many parents may want to guide their children’s choice of books, to read with them and discuss what they have read. So Robbie is also committed to pointing out concerns such as “adult content” and “occult content” - not to discourage you from reading a book, but to save you from unpleasant surprises. He believes that anyone should be free to read any book without censorship or restriction, but he does this to respect the frank concerns and beliefs of others.

Robbie has written over a thousand book reviews, and he looks forward sharing many more reading experiences. If you would like Robbie to review a particular book, first check the Book Trolley to see whether he has already done so. If not, send him feedback about it. If the book sounds interesting to him, Robbie will be happy to read it.

Tips: If you want to send a book to Robbie, whether commercially published, self-published, or an Advance Reader Copy… (1) Get in touch with him first with a description of your book, and check whether he is interested in reading it. (2) Robbie is happy to accept hardcovers or paperbacks. For audio books, he needs a CD. (3) Be aware that, due to other demands on Robbie’s time, it may take him a little while to read and review your work. (4) While he has a wide range of interests, Robbie is *not* interested in books on the occult, practical magic, erotica, or sadism (torture, mutilation, etc.). Remember: Kids, their parents, and their teachers read these reviews. For a better idea of what Robbie may like, browse through the titles already listed on the Book Trolley.

When he is not reading or writing, Robbie enjoys a quiet bachelor life in St. Louis, Missouri. At work he distributes a magazine that has been translated into 16 languages. Outside of work, he serves the whims of two cats, sings in two choirs, plays classical piano music, goes to church, and cultivates an unflattering resemblance to Hagrid.

If you want to contact Robbie, send him a  message via our contact form!



First off – Hi! If you’re here, I assume you love reading as much as I do!

Lets start from the beginning… Why did I start book blogging? Because I love books of course! And I love to discuss them. Although I have a few friends who like to read, I sometimes find it hard to in-depth discuss the books I like due to taste differences. I have read many books and have many favorites, some you can see over at Goodreads. However, I owe my love of reading to J.K. Rowling, she lit the flame within me and introduced me to the magical possibilities the literary world contains.


It’s important that you know that I in no way get nor want to get paid for writing reviews. The reviews I write are my way of not only helping to promote various authors but also to encourage discussion between myself and other book-lovers.

I’m definitely not a professional reviewer. I don’t have an English or journalism degree. Although sometimes I might dig a bit deeper and analyze a book, mostly my “reviews” are my attempt to convey my thoughts and feelings towards a book. I try to keep it organized but sometimes my posts contain ramblings or grumblings.

Although I will personally rate each book with my own rating system; I in no way will bash or badmouth a book or author. What I publish is strictly my opinion and I respect that others may view things differently. I aim to post truthful reviews that are based out of my own observation and reading experience.

Book Formats Accepted:   ARCS (Edited), Digital (epubs), Physical copies


  • I’m mainly interested in books that fall in the Young Adult *fiction* category but will consider New Adult *fiction*. These books can be paranormal romance, supernatural, fantasy, Dystopian, dark fantasy, contemporary and so forth. Depending on the title I may also read/review non-supernatural books or sci-fi as long as they’re in the YA/NA fiction category.
  • Although I don’t mind a bit of thrill in a YA or NA; I don’t like horror books. I also don’t review self-help books or adult romances.
  • If you’re not sure which category your book falls in, please feel free to contact me.

Where the reviews end up:  Here, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ? (another place you might want)

Please note: that I won’t review every book I receive. If I can’t finish the book it wont receive my review. This rarely happens but I just wanted it known.

Review Requests – Request:

  • In the subject line of the email please include (Review Request: TITLE HERE).
  • In message please give me a synopsis, book cover image (if there is one).
  • Also please include various links such as Author’s website, book website, Goodreads, and so forth. (I won’t go exploring).

ARCs: When given ARCS I’ll aim to have a review ready before the publication date and therefore I ask that I’m given at least a month from received time to publication date. (There can however be exceptions, email me with the details.)

Blog Tour: I’m happy to host a blog tour stop by featuring a book review, interview, giveaway, etc. for an upcoming novel or even an already-published novel as long as it’s review-able (see above*).

If you want to contact Lauren, send her a  message via our contact form!

Please note: If you send me a request and I can tell you clearly have read my policy I will reply to you with a yes or no within 1-3 days. I don’t respond to mass-requests.



Charlotte has been a keen supporter of childrens and young adult reading in her seven years as an Independent book shop assistant, a job she started aged 17 has refused to leave! As well as assisting in various author events, spending many a night tucked up with a new proof title, and spending her wages before she’s even left the shop doors, Charlotte is now also a Publisher in training at Oxford Brookes University in England.

It is her aim to match the best book possible to her young customers.

Charlotte is keen to find new favourite stories and might even start the cogs turning on a marketing plan (for fun of course.)

A fan of the fantastical, Charlotte loves a bit of history and mystery in her books. Give her an action and adventure story, a whirlwind romance or a ghost story and she’ll be eager to share the gems.

You can also find Charlotte on her publishing blog CharlieInABook!

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Hello! I am so excited to be a part of the MuggleNet Blog!

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English from Florida Atlantic University last May. I plan on pursuing my Master’s in Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature in the fall of 2014. My dream is to write fantasy and science fiction novels professionally. When not working, I am writing short stories or trying to enjoy the beach and the Florida sunshine.

I love reading and I enjoy books that span a wide range of genres and themes. Ever since I was a child (and was first introduced to Star Wars and Harry Potter), my preference has leaned towards fantasy and science fiction novels. But I am open to almost any type of story (excluding erotica and romance novels). I hope that my reviews will encourage readers to open books that they wouldn’t normally read.

If you want to contact Rachel, send her a  message via our contact form!

Our Rating System

I couldn’t finish this book.
This book wasn’t very good at all. In fact, I had a hard time finishing it.
This book was okay. Depending on the themes, you may or may not like this book. Give it a try…but only after reading Potter again.
This book was pretty good! I would recommend adding it to your reading list.
This book was excellent! I highly recommend this book – buy it now!