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“Harry Potter” in One (Paragraph, Sentence, Word…)

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There are many ways to describe what "Harry Potter" means to people, but here are three takes on it, each more concise than the next. Read More »

Seven ‘Harry Potter’ Moviemaking Justifications

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You can't hate on the HP movies without acknowledging a few things! Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 14 Update: Avalanching


Racing down an avalanche in a cauldron... a Wizolympic favorite! Read More »

483 1/2 Wizolympics – Day 8 Update: Frozen Quodpot


The USA and Denmark compete for the Frozen Quodpot finals! Read More »

Rereading the Series Years Later

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What's it like to reread the series years later and feel different? Read More »

The Significance of Albus Severus Potter Possibly Being in Slytherin


We all know Harry told his son Albus Severus that if it really bothered him, he could tell the Sorting Hat he’d rather be in Gryffindor than Slytherin. The thing is, though, what if Albus was really Sorted into Slytherin? Read More »