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Fan of the Week: Nicole – November 18, 2002


NICOLE Age 16 – California, USA   Hello! My name is Nicole and I’m a 16 year old honor student from southern California. I’m the center spread editor of our fantastic high school newspaper, The Smoke Signal. Last year I wrote an article about Harry Potter, around the time the movie came out, and I actually inspired a few people to read the series. I’m hands down, the biggest if not the only Harry Potter ... Read More »

Fan of the Week: Eric – November 3, 2002


ERIC Age 14 – Pennsylvania, USA   My name is Eric Scull and I’m 14 years old. I’d first like to say how much I love the Harry Potter series along with everything else that goes with it. During the time I’ve been a fan, which (surprisingly perhaps) wasn’t since ’97 when Sorcerer’s, or, Philosopher’s Stone came out. I live in Reading, Pennsylvania and currently own the paperback box sets for both the American books, ... Read More »

Fan of the Week: Alison – March 17, 2002


ALISON Age 14 – California, USA I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan, one of the biggest, if not the biggest of all. I’m so obsessed that it’s sad, but I don’t care, it’s me! I have my own HP shrine in my room with all my HP stuff in it, and no one else can touch it! I’m easily the biggest fan in my school, I mean, I sit at lunch and yell out ... Read More »

Fan of the Week: Becky – March 13, 2002

BECKY Age 16 – Illinois, USA   I have almost every piece of Harry Potter merchandise out there. I have the HP bedsheets and pillowcases, Harry Potter book-ends, HP mousepad, posters galore, and pictures from the movie all over my computer desktop, walls, desk, tack-board…pretty much EVERYWHERE. Not only do I have pictures all over in my room, they are also all over my school books, locker at school, and I even have a folder ... Read More »

Fan of the Week: Weston – March 6, 2002

WESTON Age 14 – Arkansas, USA   This interview was conducted by Emerson on a warm, sunny day in Ma– ok then, on with the interview! MuggleNet: How and when did you get in to Harry Potter? Weston: Fall 1999, I was in English class and my best friend handed me the book she was reading: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone”. I read it, loved it and I’ve been hooked since. Which Harry Potter ... Read More »