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Five Under-rated Potter Characters


We all love Harry, Ron and Hermione, but sometimes we celebrate their contributions to defeating Voldemort while forgetting some minor characters who also helped the trio along the way; a slew of magical creatures, professors, and students from every house helped Harry defeat Voldemort - here are just five of my overlooked favorites. Read More »

Book Review: The Iron Trial

Iron Trial

In "The Iron Trial," co-authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare have begun a series that's bound to soon have legions of followers. The first book of the Magisterium series follows twelve-year-old Callum Hunt after he is admitted to a school of magic. At the Magisterium, Callum not only faces the trials of learning magic, but also of discovering details of his own identity that his father kept from him. Read More »

Fan of the Week: Amanda – September 28, 2014


AMANDA Age 22 – Detroit, MI Gryffindor How did you become a Harry Potter fan? 8 years old, cross legged on the floor of my 2nd grade classroom – my teacher was hosting yet another one of her story times. Usually Mrs. Ebling would create her own plots, having each of us close our eyes and imagine ourselves as the heroine of the adventure – but that day was different. That day she decided to ... Read More »

Fan of the Week: Laura – September 21, 2014


LAURA Age 22 – Toronto, Canada Slytherin How did you become a Harry Potter fan? I read the books growing up and fell in love with them. I took them on every trip and related them back to anything that was happening in my life. Hogwarts is my happy place. I jump into any conversation I overhear about the series and my best friend and I vlog about it on The Late Night Low Down! ... Read More »