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Book Review: Take Back The Skies by Lucy Saxon


A thrilling debut novel from an author whose career promises to go full-steam ahead. Lucy Saxon’s Take Back The Skies offers a solid world of political intrigue, twists, turns and dash of young love. Read More »

Exclusive Interview with Cassandra Clare


As all fans of the 'Mortal Instruments' series will know the final instalment of Cassandra Clare's current series, City of Heavenly Fire, will be published in under a week! We sent author and TMI fan Lucy Saxon to talk to Cassandra. Read More »

Exclusive Interview with Lauren Owen


Lauren Owen spoke to MuggleNet recently about her upcoming book, The Quick, and her history with the Harry Potter fandom. Read more for the full interview! Read More »

Author Lauren Owen talks about her FanFiction roots


Lauren Owen tells us about her new Gothic novel 'The Quick' and her own history with Harry Potter FanFiction. Read More »

Thirteen by Tom Hoyle – New Release and Competition!


Thirteen year old Adam is being hunted by a cult intent on sacrificing him before he reaches his fourteenth birthday. Twelve other boys, all born at the same moment as Adam at the stroke of midnight on millennium eve, have already been killed, but the murderous cult leader, Coron, will not rest until number thirteen has been sacrificed to ‘the master’… Read More »