Author Giveaway – Learn More About “Dark & Day”
Author Takeover , Giveaways / January 29, 2016

We recently announced a giveaway of Israel Grey’s “Dark & Day” series, where you can win one of 34 prize packs, including the grand prize of an autographed copy of the complete “Dark & Day” set! Now the author tells us more about the “Dark & Day” series and its place in the realm of sci-fi and fantasy.

Author Takeover: Laura Lam Answers Your Questions
Author Takeover / January 18, 2016

Laura Lam’s “Dark Circus” series has undergone a transformation in recent months, gaining a new costume of covers and revealing the final novel in the trilogy, “Masquerade”, at its new home of Pan Macmillan publishing. To celebrate the reincarnation of the original novels, “Pantomime” and “Shadowplay”, and look forward to the release of “Masquerade” in a year’s time, we asked Laura to tell us about her whirlwind writing journey.

Author Takeover: Katherine Catmull on Her New Book, “The Radiant Road”
Author Takeover / January 11, 2016

Today we are very excited to be a part of the blog tour promoting Katherine Catmull’s latest novel, “The Radiant Road”! We absolutely loved this book – you can read our review here – and for our portion of the blog tour, Katherine will be sharing with us a little bit about the development of “The Radiant Road” and its journey to publication. Read on to learn more!

Author Takeover: Hidden Faces, Fears and Foes
Author Takeover / December 7, 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to wander around the library at Hogwarts, explore the restricted section and discover all of its secrets, you should probably take a look at this month’s Author Takeover. Author Genevieve Cogman explores the use of masks in the Harry Potter series and the importance of designing an identity.

Author Takeover: Shifting Shapes
Author Takeover / November 8, 2015

This month’s Author Takeover sees the return of Ryan Graudin to celebrate the release of her new novel, Wolf by Wolf. Many fans see strong parallels between Voldemort’s rise to power and the events of World War Two, Wolf by Wolf explores an alternate history of our own world, where Hitler has won the war and medical experimentation within concentration camps has created unexpected results.

Ryan’s previous Author Takeover explored the art of creating a complex world. This time, she examines the concept of identity and what it can mean for characters with the ability to metamorphose.

Author Takeover: R is for Railways
Author Takeover / October 18, 2015

This month’s Author Takeover comes from multi award-winning author Philip Reeve. His new book, Railhead perfectly embraces the emotions felt by all Potter fans who have wanted to board the Hogwarts Express. A step away from the dystopia movement, this book brings mystery and adventure to a sci-fi Utopia of riches, wonder and hyperspace trains.

Six Companion Reads for “Six of Crows”
Author Takeover / September 26, 2015

We’re thrilled that MuggleNet is part of the international Magic and Mayhem Tour celebrating to countdown to Six of Crows! September 24-29, bloggers in the US and UK have been paired up to share their own Six of Crows-inspired lists, such as six tips for surviving the Grishaverse, six signs you do/don’t have what it takes to join Kaz’s crew, and more. PLUS, we have a fantastic competition to win a swag pack across all 12 blogs taking part.

Author Takeover: Imagining the Empty Spaces
Author Takeover / August 21, 2015

This week’s Author Takeover examines the concept of whole world realism in fictional spaces. Author Zen Cho discusses her admiration of the detail Rowling is able to create and continue providing to fans of “Potter” even after the book series has ended.

Author Takeover: The Power of Possession
Author Takeover / August 7, 2015

Move over, Tom Marvolo Riddle, and throw out your diaries. For this week’s Author Takeover we are delighted to host Dawn Kurtagich, author of “The Dead House”. In this blog she discusses the perils of possession, exploring the darker sides of “Potter” in relation to her own debut novel.