Book Review: “Love Virtually” by Daniel Glattauer
Book Reviews / January 24, 2016

Romance via email – while not entirely uncommon today – has never been so exciting. “Love Virtually” is like secretly reading the emails of two strangers’ “will they, won’t they” romance. This dual review covers both the book and BBC radio drama.

Book Review: “Snow Like Ashes” by Sara Raasch
Book Reviews / November 7, 2014

My go-to genre is typically paranormal/supernatural contemporaries, but once in a while it’s great to escape to a completely new and mysterious world. With “Snow Like Ashes”, I never knew what to expect, which made learning about new lands and customs so exciting!

Book Review: “Made for You” by Melissa Marr
Book Reviews / October 4, 2014

“Made for You” reminded me why I avoid psychological thrillers. Long story short: I’m a wuss, and “Made for You” gave me the chills. Which is great because Melissa Marr did achieve her goal as writer, but also, yeah, I’ll be double-checking my door is locked tonight.

Book Review: “Rebel Belle” by Rachel Hawkins
Book Reviews / July 4, 2014

This book was quirky, cute and fun. I wouldn’t expect anything less after reading Hawkin’s Hex Hall trilogy, which I also adore. Playing like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in more than one way), Rebel Belle is fast-paced and action-packed.

Book Review: “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige
Book Reviews / May 8, 2014

‘Dorothy Must Die’ is the first book in a trilogy centered around the malevolent Dorothy, who after finding herself back in Oz again, took control of the magical land by teaming with the secretly wicked Glinda, and bewitching Oz’s true ruler Ozma…