Book Review: “Wonks” by William Reese Hamilton
Book Reviews / July 7, 2019

Johnny is a 12-year-old living in the Philippines with his American family during World War II when the Japanese Imperial Army sweeps into Manila. Separated from his father, Johnny and his mother are put into an internment camp at the University of Santo Tomás, along with all other non-Asians in the region.

Book Review: “The Candle and the Flame” by Nafiza Azad
Book Reviews / June 1, 2019

Fatima doesn’t remember life before her adopted family, especially not since almost the entire city of Noor was slaughtered by a chaotic djinn tribe, the Shayateen. When an act of violence awakens in Fatima her own djinn fire, she’ll have to figure out how to save Noor from the Shayateen’s return.