Book Review: “The Fandom” by Anna Day
Book Reviews / April 24, 2018

Violet, along with her best friends, Alice and Katie, and younger brother, Nate, can’t wait to attend Comic-Con to meet the actors who star in the film adaptation of their favorite novel, a YA dystopia called “The Gallows Dance”. But just as they’re introducing themselves, something inexplicable occurs – the group is somehow transported into the real world of the book.

Book Review: “And She Was” by Jessica Verdi
Book Reviews / March 30, 2018

Dara is a talented tennis player – talented enough to go pro if she can just find the money to enter the right tournaments. Her plans are thrown off-track when she learns that Mellie, the woman she’s always known as her mother, is transgender and technically her biological father.

Book Review: “Damselfly” by Chandra Prasad
Book Reviews / March 29, 2018

When Sam wakes up and finds herself in a jungle, it takes her a minute to realize that she’s been in a plane crash, along with the rest of her high school fencing team. She soon locates her surviving classmates, but will rescue arrive before infighting and personal trauma tear the group apart?

Book Review: “Daughters of the Storm” by Kim Wilkins
Book Reviews / March 26, 2018

When King Athelrick falls mysteriously ill, his daughter Bluebell is certain an assassination attempt is underway. Believing that nothing is more powerful than the bonds of family, she convenes her sisters in a plot to save the King – but there are already more forces at play than Bluebell knows, and even her sisters’ loyalty is not guaranteed.