Book Review: “A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars” by Yaba Badoe
Book Reviews / September 6, 2017

“A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars” is a haunting contemporary debut by award-winning Ghanaian-British filmmaker Yaba Badoe. The story has a powerful, dreamlike narrative that weaves its way through a myriad of serious threats faced by Sante and her friend. Meet 14-year-old Sante, the survivor of a shipwreck, adopted daughter of traveler Mama Rose, playmate of twins Cat and Cobra, and her protector, a bird of prey named Priss.

Book Review: “Lucky in Love” by Kasie West
Book Reviews / August 6, 2017

Maddie’s life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good – there are only a few things that she wishes she could change, like her parents’ fighting all the time and worrying about paying for a good college. On her 18th birthday, she buys a lottery ticket on a whim… and ends up winning 50 million dollars.

Book Review: “Birthrights” by J. Kyle McNeal
Book Reviews / July 3, 2017

Against the backdrop of a world at the brink of war and ruled by the Machiavellian principle that “the end justifies the means,” “Birthrights” is an enrapturing story written by J. Kyle McNeal, the first of the “Revisions to the Truth” series.

Book Review: “No Good Deed” By Goldy Moldavsky
Book Reviews / June 12, 2017

It’s been just over a year since author Goldy Moldavsky’s debut novel “Kill the Boy Band” was published, and now she’s back with her follow up “No Good Deed”. Though “No Good Deed” isn’t a sequel to “Kill the Boy Band”, it does take place in the same universe, and readers of Moldavsky’s first novel will enjoy nods to it in her second work.