Book Review: “Daughters of the Storm” by Kim Wilkins
Book Reviews / March 26, 2018

When King Athelrick falls mysteriously ill, his daughter Bluebell is certain an assassination attempt is underway. Believing that nothing is more powerful than the bonds of family, she convenes her sisters in a plot to save the King – but there are already more forces at play than Bluebell knows, and even her sisters’ loyalty is not guaranteed.

Book Review: “Inkling” by John D. Waterman
Book Reviews / February 4, 2018

This is a lean, fast-paced book with some sharply defined characters, interesting social dynamics, fascinating science concepts, humor, suspense, irony, and now and then a burst of shocking violence. Underneath all the details, it’s a very simple story about a high-stakes engineering problem.

Book Review: “Werewolves: A Hunter’s Guide” by Graeme Davis
Book Reviews / February 2, 2018

In this well-researched, lavishly illustrated and clearly organized book, Graeme Davis lays out a fairly convincing outline of the different types of werewolf, how to spot them, how dangerous they are, and what to do about them. Then he goes on to discuss werewolf society and the societies that hunt werewolves.

Book Review: “The League of Unexceptional Children” by Gitty Daneshvari
Book Reviews / January 31, 2018

These kids’ spy adventure is just as ludicrous as you would expect, and the danger level never feels really high. But what the story lacks in hard-hitting action and wire-taut tension, it makes up in tummy-tickling comedy. From its general concept to its tiniest detail, this book is just a hairsbreadth too lovable to qualify as tickle-torture.

Book Review: “The Siren and the Sword” by Celia Tan
Book Reviews / January 29, 2018

In an afterword to this book, Tan admits she was inspired by Harry Potter. At its weaker moments, it reads like a piece of erotic fanfiction, with the difference that the characters are original and the setting is Veritas, a hidden college of magic within Harvard University.