Book Review: “Game of the Gods” by Jay Schiffman
Book Reviews / July 12, 2018

Game of the Gods, an adult science fiction novel by Jay Schiffman, is about a future dystopian world in which several political factions are constantly fighting. Max Cone, a judge for the Federacy, finds himself in the middle of this global war.

Book Review: “Exo” by Fonda Lee
Book Reviews / June 6, 2018

A hundred years after the zhree arrive on Earth, humans and zhree co-exist more or less peacefully, with willing humans incorporated into the zhree social structure – if not as equals, then still as valued members of society.

Book Review: “Front Desk” by Kelly Yang
Book Reviews / June 4, 2018

Ever since ten-year-old Mia Tang’s parents immigrated to the United States from China, they’ve been trying to find steady work. When they get the chance to run the Calivista Motel in California, the Tang family thinks they’ve found their big break.