Pottermore Moments Revisited: Broomsticks, Dementors, and Maps, oh my!

ch 10 map

The next two chapters are some of the most action packed in this book. However, Pottermore doesn't offer much in the way of interaction... Read More »

Five Under-rated Potter Characters


We all love Harry, Ron and Hermione, but sometimes we celebrate their contributions to defeating Voldemort while forgetting some minor characters who also helped the trio along the way; a slew of magical creatures, professors, and students from every house helped Harry defeat Voldemort - here are just five of my overlooked favorites. Read More »

Against All Odds… “Mudbloods” Make A Name for Themselves


The new "Mudbloods" movie is one to watch. Read More »

WOULD YOU RATHER…Be Stranded in Hagrid’s Hut or 12 Grimmauld Place? Let us know with #MNWYR

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This week, in our final post for the “stranded in” series, we would like to know: Would YOU rather be stranded in Hagrid’s Hut or 12 Grimmauld Place? But, before you choose, consider the following... Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: You go, Remus Lupin

ch 7 boggart

In this installment of Pottermore Moments Revisited, Lupin proves to be the best teacher around while Snape is nothing but a bully. Sirius Black is in the castle; is he looking for Harry? Read More »

Fluffy’s Political Representation in a Dog-Eat-Dog-Eat-Dog World


Any Potter fan interested in politics? Here's a look at some possible political meanings to Fluffy, Hagrid's giant three-headed dog! Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: Madam Pomfrey’s got a lot to do

ch 6 hippogriffs

It's back to Hogwarts for Harry and his friends, but the first day is anything but smooth. Pottermore offers us some beautiful artwork for this eventful day, but what is there for us to do? Read More »

WOULD YOU RATHER… Be Stranded in Knockturn Alley or The Chamber of Secrets? #MNWYR

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The Dark Arts or the home of the Basilisk? Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: Out in the Great Wide World

ch 4 menagerie

Harry has run away from the Dursleys, and he's off in the world on his own. What will Pottermore show us of this expanding wizarding world? Read More »

Rereading “Potter”: Remember…?


We tend to forget or overlook many details in our favorite books. The "Harry Potter" series is too long to remember every little scene, so here's a list of some of my favorite moments in the series that I tend to forget or miss as I reread them. Read More »