Christmas in July

christmas at hogwarts

A double dose of magic. Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: Three Shades of Red

ch 7 sorting

In the latest installment of our Pottermore Moments Revisited series, we finally get to Hogwarts! Trains, best friends, and Sorting abound! Read More »

Emma Watson’s next magical role: Kelsea in “The Queen of the Tearling”

Emma Watson in The Queen of the Tearling

Emma Watson committed to co-producing and starring in "The Queen of the Tearling" before the book was even published - here's a look at how the young actress may adapt to her second big fantasy role. Read More »

Which Director Did It Best?


Every hardcore Harry Potter fan is very opinionated about the movie adaptation of their favorite series, whether it be good or bad. Many of those fans also have their favorite director of the Potter films, which has caused many conflicts in the fandom. So which director is really the best? You can decide for yourself, but I decided to weigh the general consensus of positives and negatives that came which each director. Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: Welcome to Diagon Alley!

ch 5 ollivanders

In part three of the Pottermore Revisited series, Harry visits the magical street of Diagon Alley for the first time, and I get a bit of a shock with wand selection. Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: The Drab Dursleys

ch 2 cupboard

In part 2 of our Pottermore Moments Revisited series, we finally meet Harry, who's drab life with the Dursleys is about to change... Read More »

11 Problems Only Sidekicks Will Understand

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

#sidekickproblems Read More »

The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened

secrets article (3)

Chamber of Secrets celebrates 16 years! Read More »

WOULD YOU RATHER…Be Sorted into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff?

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WOULD YOU RATHER... Gryffindor or Hufflepuff? Read More »

What About George?


The loss of Fred Weasley was one of the series' most heartbreaking moments. It called for the absence of a dynamic character as well as the breakup of a powerful duo. So what exactly happened to George Weasley in this equation? Read More »