Theater Reviews

Theater Review: StarKid Summer Series


They have thrice cavorted down corridors at Hogwarts School. They've explored an alien planet in their radical starship. They've tackled Batman, and twisted the tale of "Aladdin" so that we no longer approve of street rats. Now, the creative minds at Team StarKid have unleashed not one, but two new musicals upon the world in the summer of 2014. Read More »

Theatre Review: Good People, starring Imelda Staunton


Staunton delivers a magnificent performance as Margie, her comic timing is impeccable, and she had the audience in the palm of her hands from the minute she stepped on to the stage. It is worth mentioning that the play is far from a predictable straightforward comedy, it contains many surprise twists along the way, which left the audience gasping at the performance I saw. Read More »

Theatre Review: Just Jim Dale


Though his Potter experience ultimately takes up less than 5 percent of the show’s narrative (though it included a fabulous anecdote about how he came up with the voice of Dobby) Jim’s retelling of the rest of his own life story is no less magical. He talks at length about his career as a singer/songwriter, for instance. Did you know Jim Dale had a brief stint as a British-teen singing-sensation? Read More »

Theater Review: ‘Peddling’, Starring & Written by Harry Melling


The themes of rewind and repetition are threaded through Peddling, the writing début of Harry Melling, best known for his run as the unpleasant Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter films. But you’ll find no hint of Dudley here; Melling has shed Dudley’s cartoonishly menacing bulk—literally and figuratively—and instead inhabits a complex, energetic homeless boy who makes his living by selling ‘everyday essentials’ door to door. Read More »

Theater Review: Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston and Alfred Enoch


As one of the few Shakespeare plays to be banned in modern times and a large scale epic, Coriolanus is, at first glance, a questionable choice of play for the intimate, 250 capacity Donmar Warehouse. Throw in the casting of Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing lovable rogue Loki in Marvel’s Avengers universe, as the cold, opaque titular character, and the scheduling sounds even more bizarre. Yet this production embraces these contradictions, using them to ... Read More »

Theater Review: ‘All That Fall’ starring Michael Gambon


If you were to know as little as I did about the play All That Fall prior to attending, you would likely be taken off guard by the highly intimate theater, the nearly-bare stage, the minimal props, the scripts-in-hand and the web of microphones hanging from the ceiling. But make no mistake, the most bewildering aspects of the show are in its brilliant writing and expert acting, proving just how captivating such a no-frills production can be. Read More »