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Fan of the Week has been around since 2002 and is one of the oldest sections on MuggleNet. There have been over 300 fans featured in it’s eleven year tenure – and now it is back – BIGGER & BETTER THAN EVER!

My name is Michele & I am here to make your MuggleNet dreams come true! If you have ever wanted to be on featured on MuggleNet – to tell your story to the millions of fans out there – then this is the place to be.

The form below is your entry into the elusive FOTW Club. Fill out your basic 411, then answer the questions of your choosing from the dropdown menus. Write nice and long responses (but not too long – we do have to read all these after all!), have fun with your answers, but most importantly – be yourself! Earn a few bonus points by uploading your responses in video form! And don’t forget to upload a photo to go along with your entry! The surveys will automatically be sent to us once you click submit, and the best questionnaires will be featured as Fan of the Week! It is as simple as that!

Past Fan of the Week Winners

Fan of the Week Submission Form

Fan of the Week Submission Form

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