10 HP Characters That We Meet in Real Life

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There are so many distinct characters in the Harry Potter series that are completely believable purely because we have all come across someone like them in our day to day lives. Here is a list of some of those characters and their real life counterparts. Read More »

18 Signs That You Are the Ron Weasley of Your Friend Group


Let’s be honest. You may not be the Chosen One or the Brightest Witch of Your Age, but where does that leave you? You might be a Ron, a title that may not sound as glamorous as the former two but that is still pretty terrific. Without further ado, here are eighteen signs that you are the Ron of your circle of friends: 1. You find yourself in trouble all the time. 2. You’re the life of ... Read More »

Is Dolores Umbridge the Most Evil Character of All?


Dolores Jane Umbridge, known for her shockingly pink wardrobe, obsession with fluffy animals, and love of all things sugary and sweet, is considered to be one of the most hated characters in all of fiction. Despite her seemingly harmless appearance, many Harry Potter fans consider her to be more unlikable than Bellatrix Lestrange and even the Dark Lord himself. Why is it that a woman with no clear criminal history (during the duration of the books, that ... Read More »

Whom Would You Have Saved Who Died?


If any of you are on Goodreads and subscribed to the Harry Potter Group, you may  have seen and even answered this question. To some it may seem senseless–whoever is dead is dead, and there is no point in trying to change the facts. But I believe fandom is about asking questions of the stories we love, not just reading and accepting. Fandom is about digging deep, tearing stories apart to find their core, and ... Read More »

Crucial Moments Absent from the Half-Blood Prince Film


As any Harry Potter fan can attest, the biggest anxiety you face is trying to figure out what parts of the book are going to be cut from the movies. Generally, you understand that certain things need to be changed for the screen, but you can almost always assume that the most important moments will be included, partly, or hopefully, in their entirety. This is why Half-Blood Prince was such a huge disappointment for me. ... Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Gravity’ Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack


Alfonso Cuarón has long been one of my favorite directors (I can hear the anti-Cuaronites booing as I type this) and Gravity only cemented that for me. No matter what you think about his choices, story-telling ability, etc., you would have to admit that he is a visionary. It's always clear how passionate Alfonso is, and again, Gravity was obviously no exception. Read More »

483 1/2 Wizolympics – Day 17 Update: Closing Ceremonies


Daily Prophet Sports Correspondent, Ginny Potter, reports as the 2014 Wizolympics in Sochi come to a dramatic conclusion at the Firebird Stadium, with Russia handing off the Wizolympic Salamander to Pyeongchang, South Korea. Read More »

Fan of the Week: Jess – February 23, 2014


JESS Age 16 – USA RAVENCLAW How did you become a Harry Potter fan? I was introduced to Harry before I could even read. We heard about the series through family in England. At the time, I was in the hospital with a rare autoimmune disorder. One night, my dad started reading Philosophers Stone to me. I remember sucking on a juice box and staring at the cover. Until I was 5, my parents still read ... Read More »

483 1/2 Wizolympics – Day 16 Update: Snow Shoveling Finals (Squib Games)


As the Squib Games came to a close in Sochi, things heated up amid the slushy snow. Just after Avalanching concluded on Thursday, the Squib players were charged with the task of shoveling their way back down the mountain. Before they could get far, ten Cornish pixies mysteriously arrived on the scene. Three snatched Diggory Pitts’s (USA) shovel from his blistered hands and began to shovel snow on top of his head while the other ... Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 15 Update: W.W.N. Report


It's getting cold at the 2014 Sochi Wizolympics! The W.W.N.'s Lee Jordan reports on the magic-intensive Ice Course at the Firebird Stadium, as well as the exciting final round at the Avalanching event, while Glenda Chittock greets the teams of Expedition Wandless as they race to reunite with their wands. Read More »