483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 7 Update: W.W.N. Report


Sparks are flying at the 2014 Sochi Wizolympics! The W.W.N.'s Lee Jordan covers the Wand Skating & Snow Shoveling events, while Ludo Bagman gets opinions on the fate of the USA team from the remaining participants of Expedition Wandless. Read More »

483 1/2 Wizolympics – Day 7 Update: Snow Shoveling (Squib Games)


We are now on Day 6 of the fifteen day-long Squib Snow Shoveling games. With a heatwave hitting Sochi, much of the shoveling has been of slush or after-game clean-ups. Squibs received special permission to shovel dragon dung after the Dragon Wrangling competition completed on Saturday. While the large piles could have been wiped away with a flick of a wand, it was felt that the Squibs would enjoy the task. The Wizolympic Committee is ... Read More »

Thirteen by Tom Hoyle – New Release and Competition!


Thirteen year old Adam is being hunted by a cult intent on sacrificing him before he reaches his fourteenth birthday. Twelve other boys, all born at the same moment as Adam at the stroke of midnight on millennium eve, have already been killed, but the murderous cult leader, Coron, will not rest until number thirteen has been sacrificed to ‘the master’… Read More »

Movie Review: ‘After the Dark’ starring Bonnie Wright & Freddie Stroma


In truth, the film is a bit of a mind-f***, but one that can be thoroughly enjoyable if you allow yourself to go where the story goes rather than trying to stuff it into a specific categorical box. After the Dark is not what you’re expecting, but it is a film that will make you question everything. Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 7 Update: Wand Skating


Welcome back to Wand Skating at the 483rd ½ Wizolympics. It’s warm weather here in Sochi, but freezing spells are in effect here inside the dome that houses our skating rink. There is no lack of ice here. In fact, the ice has been cleared and is now a blank canvas ready for our next competitor to make their mark on. Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 7 Morning Update: Wand Skating


As the stands start to clear out, the competitors for today’s wand skating event take the ice. As usual, France has a high amount of entries in this event. With four chances at defending their ten-year running title, it looks as though France is once again standing in high probability of taking home the top honor in wand skating. Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 6 Update: W.W.N. Report


Scandal breaks out at the 2014 Sochi Wizolympics! Listen in to the W.W.N.'s Lee Jordan and Daily Prophet correspondent Ginny Potter as they report on the shocking twist at Expedition Wandless before covering the surprises at the Yeti Toss event and Snowball Fight finals. Read More »

Wizards Responsible for Muggle Olympics Sabotage Located, Brought to Justice


SOCHI, RUSSIA—Declaring they have finally discovered the culprits behind the now ubiquitous Olympic rings fiasco and a slew of other mysterious mishaps that have occurred at the Muggle Olympics this past week, officials of the Russian Ministry have captured 27-year-old Fillion Brokeworth and 34-year-old Theodore Nott, both of Surrey, London. “We were only trying to have a bit of fun,” lamented Brokeworth, after he was captured trying to sell cookies to unsuspecting guests at the Muggle ... Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 6 Update: Snowball Fight Finals


Ginny Weasley here, and what I have to report to you is quite hard to believe. But as per the Daily Prophet’s maxim, I am committed to giving you the news as it is! “You are the superior teams and have rightfully risen above the rest,” the Snowball Fighting judge, Vladimir Golubov, began this morning. The audience at Firebird Stadium seemed to hang on his every word, and he was clearly enjoying the attention. “Iceland ... Read More »

483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 6 Update: Yeti Toss Final Round


After an exciting but not unsurprising qualifying round this morning, five countries advanced to the finals round of the Yeti Toss: Iceland, Nepal, Norway, Russia, and the US. The finals began with Iris Einarsson landing head first in a pile of snow after being tossed 63.48 meters. As Wizolympic officials helped to dig Einarsson out of the snow, Adam Whitney choose his yeti. Once the arena was cleared, Whitney and his yeti prepared for the ... Read More »