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Thirteen by Tom Hoyle – New Release and Competition!


Thirteen year old Adam is being hunted by a cult intent on sacrificing him before he reaches his fourteenth birthday. Twelve other boys, all born at the same moment as Adam at the stroke of midnight on millennium eve, have already been killed, but the murderous cult leader, Coron, will not rest until number thirteen has been sacrificed to ‘the master’… Read More »

Fan of the Week: Susan – March 19, 2003

SUSAN Age 22 – Illinois, USA   I first read HP three years ago, and have been an advocate ever since. I am constantly trying to get friends to read them, to the point of annoyance. But I can’t help it. I think the books are so good that I just want everyone to read them so I can discuss all the various plot twists. I used to run a music store where my assistant ... Read More »