Author Takeover: No Magical Fixes by Maz Evans
Author Takeover / February 4, 2017

To celebrate book lovers everywhere, this month we have a series of Author Takeovers. The first comes from the hilarious Maz Evans, whose book, “Who Let The Gods Out?”, is a new, exciting, and brilliantly British, Percy Jackson-esque adventure – the first in a series centered on the Olympian gods.

Book Review: “On the Other Side” by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Book Reviews / July 18, 2016

When 82-year-old Evie Snow dies peacefully in her sleep, she finds herself back at her former apartment building in her younger years and unable to reach her personal heaven. Upon discovering that her soul is too heavy to move on to the afterlife, Evie realizes she must unburden the secrets of her past life that have weighed her down for over 50 years.

Book review: “Captain Blood” by Rafael Sabatini
Book Reviews / July 29, 2013

Peter Blood does not start out as the sort of many you would expect to become a pirate. A physician by training, a soldier and naval warrior by experience, he has just settled down in a quiet corner of England’s West Country when the Monmouth Rebellion breaks out. This bit of trouble was a response to the Catholic James II becoming king of Protestant England in 1685. Being an Irish Catholic himself, Peter takes no part in the rebellion. But when he is caught giving medical aid to one of the rebels, the full frenzy of the Lord Chief Justice falls on him and he is sentenced to hang for treason.

Book review: “Tethers” by Jack Croxall
Book Reviews / May 4, 2013

This Victorian fantasy adventure from author Jack Croxall brings excitement into a quiet Northern town with murder and mystery. Despite the promise of a steady career apprenticing to be a teacher, 13 year old Karl Scheffer has wanderlust, itching to explore beyond the quiet limits of his home town, rural Shraye. Together with his good friend Esther Emerson, Karl has his keen eyes on sighting out adventures to be had. With his one blue eye and his one brown, he’s prone to appreciating things that stand out from the ordinary.

Book review: “House of Secrets” by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
Book Reviews / March 14, 2013

The Walker family has just moved into the historic Kristoff House, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They have just settled down to their first family meal in the place, when a witchy neighbor lady hurls the whole house—with Cordelia, Brendan, and Eleanor in it—into the combined reality of three novels written by her father, who built the house in 1906. Dahlia Kristoff, also known as the Wind Witch, wants the Walkers to find and deliver to her a magical tome called The Book of Doom and Desire.