Book Review: “The Dark Dictionary” by Andrew Kendall
Book Reviews / September 24, 2017

Andrew Kendall is wise beyond his years, and reading about his ongoing journey is very special. There’s a lot to be learned from this book – about life, about words, about circumstance, and about myself. It is definitely a book that will be kept close to my heart and revisited often.

Book Review: “Cracked” by Barbara Leslie
Book Reviews / December 30, 2015

Danny Cleary has a cocaine habit, but that’s not her only problem. When her twin sister is murdered and her nephews go missing, Danny and her brother head out to California to find them, and to hunt down her sister’s killer.

Book Review: “Sleepy Hollow: Creating Heroes, Demons & Monsters” by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry
Book Reviews / December 6, 2015

Resurrected from his grave more than two centuries after he was killed fighting for the Colonial Army in the Civil War, Ichabod Crane partners with Lieutenant Abbie Mills of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department to fight the evil forces that have taken hold of the town. With a foreword from “Sleepy Hollow” series executive producer Len Wiseman, the 176-page companion photo and concept sketch book reveal information that fans rarely have access to, including the original concept of the show and how it evolved into what it is today, how the team creates each monster-of-the-week, and how each of those monsters play into the overall mythology of the series.