Book Review: “Literary Allusion in Harry Potter” by Beatrice Groves
Book Reviews / October 15, 2017

By now, the name “Beatrice Groves” should be familiar to MuggleNet readers. The research lecturer and tutor at Trinity College, Oxford, has shared tons of fascinating interpretations on our site, so it’s no surprise that we’re thrilled to be reviewing her book, “Literary Allusion in Harry Potter”, here today!

Book review: “Persuasion” by Jane Austen
Book Reviews / September 25, 2013

Though a wistful shadow lies across this book, perhaps in consequence of its author’s failing health, it remains like all her novels a romantic comedy: romantic, because no subject drew on her experience more than the drawing-room society of well-bred and well-off men and women trying to catch wives and husbands; comedies, because she couldn’t dwell long on the subject without an ironic laugh.

Book review: “Emma” by Jane Austen
Book Reviews / September 2, 2013

While “Emma” has these qualities, the reader must flap his wings a little more often to keep up the momentum. Perhaps it is only my impression, but the novel seems a bit longer, the dramatic tension a bit less taut, the main heroine a bit less admirable, and the incidents in her journey from bachelorettehood to wedded bliss a bit sparser and more pedestrian than their opposite numbers in S&S and P&P.