Author Takeover: A Pinch of Magic, by Michelle Harrison
Author Takeover / February 1, 2019

Joining us for our first Author Takeover of 2019 is magical middle-grade author Michelle Harrison. Her brand-new story, A Pinch of Magic, is an enchanting read full of mysterious objects of power. Potterheads know the impact of a magical object or three (or seven) on the outcome of a quest, so what better topic to see us into February.

Book review: “13 Curses” by Michelle Harrison
Book Reviews / August 26, 2013

In this sequel, Tanya comes back to spend the October holidays at her grandmother’s rambling rural estate of Elvesden, near the Essex market town of Tickey End. And so she gets to be a part of an adventure in which the charm-bracelet is much more central. If her summer was perilous and dark, the weeks leading up to Samhain will be even more so. For when she was last at Elvesden, another girl—calling herself Red, but really named Rowan—took Tanya’s place in a magical trap and was swept into the faerie realm.

Book review: “13 Treasures” by Michelle Harrison
Book Reviews / August 18, 2013

Being able to see fairies isn’t all sparkly dust and tinkly bells. Tanya has been able to see them since she was a baby, and it’s a living nightmare for her. Her parents are fed up with what they see as serious behavioral problems. And the winged creatures that visit her on moonlit nights do not bring wonder and enchantment, but threats and punishment when she doesn’t do what they want. They aren’t pretty. They aren’t nice. There’s no one Tanya can tell about them.