Book Review: “The Radiant Road” by Katherine Catmull
Book Reviews / January 10, 2016

Clare Macleod has just moved back to her childhood home in Ireland, a place she and her father haven’t even visited since her mother died. It’s built into a green hillside by the sea, and there’s a tree growing right inside the house, which has been there for a thousand years. All her life she’s felt the pull of the Strange, unexplained moments of beauty or oddness that seem otherworldly. It’s only after she moves back to Ireland that Clare learns there’s a reason for why she’s super-sensitive to these moments: the realm of fairy is real, and Clare is the keeper of one of the doorways between our world and theirs. As it turns out, she’s returned to Ireland just in time, because the pathways between the worlds are under threat by an ancient evil.

Book Review: “Half Wild” by Sally Green
Book Reviews / November 3, 2015

“Half Wild,” the sequel to “Half Bad,” picks up right where its predecessor left off. Nathan has received the three gifts he needs to become a full-fledged witch from his father, the Black Witch Marcus, but now he’s on the run, with nowhere to go and no way to control his terrifying new Gift – the ability to turn into an animal. A very dangerous animal.