Book Review: “Infinity Lost” By S. Harrison

S. Harrison’s first novel, Infinity Lost, is a great twist on a realistic world mixed with sci-fi elements. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed this book, and how different it is from my normal reading library. I haven’t always been a huge fan of sci-fi, but Harrison does a great job of incorporating the elements of robotics and A.I (Artificial Intelligence) in a way that could be found in today’s world.

Following the story of Infinity Blackstone, daughter of Dr. Richard Blackstone, the owner of Blackstone Technologies; Infinity Lost looks into the world of Infinity (Finn), and who she really is. Raised in a giant mansion and catered to by servants, Finn has every want that a child of a billionaire could have, except the attention from her estranged father. Finn thirsts for information regarding the mystery man called Dr. Richard Blackstone, and the truth behind what happened to her mother Genevieve.

Infinity Lost moves between the present day life of Finn and the “dreams” that she’s been having, which are her long-lost memories becoming unlocked. Sent off to boarding school at 13, Finn met and befriended her roommate named Bettina (Bit), who is the only one that knows Finn’s true identity as Infinity Blackstone. Since Blackstone Technologies is a prominent force in the world of Infinity Lost, it saves Finn from prying eyes and fake friendships.

Without spoiling the huge plot shockers I found in Infinity Lost, Finn and her classmates go on a trip to Blackstone Technologies campus where havoc breaks out, and Finn’s identity is revealed to her surviving classmates. Although Infinity Lost starts out like a normal book about a “normal” teenager, it slowly spirals into a giant conspiracy that surrounds who and what Finn is, and why she is being hunted.

I can say that after reading S. Harrison’s first novel Infinity Lost, part one of a trilogy, I can’t wait to pick up his next book Infinity Rises during January 2016. I was able to find more information regarding S. Harrison’s works on Goodreads; the finale of the series, Infinity Reborn, is expected in 2016.

Recommended reading age: 13+ due to violent themes.

A copy of this book was provided by Skyscape Publishing for review.