Book Review: “Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code” by Eoin Colfer

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Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
by Eoin Colfer

The third book in the adventures of teenaged master criminal Artemis Fowl begins with our hero making a tactical mistake. As a result, his faithful bodyguard Butler is seriously hurt, and a ruthless IT magnate from Chicago (with mob connections) has stolen a piece of ultra advanced technology that may leave the fairy world open to discovery. What’s more, Jon Spiro (think: love-child of John Gotti and Steve Jobs) has decided to send a crack team to kidnap Artemis himself and force him to hand over the secrets of the C Cube and its “eternity code” encryption.

Enter Captain Holly Short, the first female officer in LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaisance), and other familiar faces from the hidden world of magical beings. With the aid of Butler’s kid sister Juliet, and a kleptomaniac dwarf named Mulch, Holly and Artemis go to Spiro’s skyscraper sanctum and attempt to beard the lion in his den. At stake is the security of the fairy People, the lives and safety of everyone Artemis loves, and lots and lots of money.

But even assuming they can outwit the one human who has ever outwitted Artemis Fowl… and outmuscle Spiro’s goon, Blunt, who is the one “metal man” ever to outmaneuver Butler… it looks like this time, the fairies won’t let Artemis and his friends get away with their fairy memories intact.

In an adventure that takes in Ireland, Chicago, and more than one sense of the word “underworld,” Mr. Colfer has created a story full of intriguing twists, hilarious gags, exciting action and suspense, plus warm camraderie and cold-blooded scheming worthy of an adult thriller. But it all surrounds a teenage boy, a brilliant and charismatic but also vulnerable boy, whose criminal instincts are mixed more and more with the milk of human kindness. And besides that, the blend of high-tech gadgetry and fairy magic is simply irresistable.

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