Book Review: The Bagpiper’s Ghost by Jane Yolen

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In this third installment in the “Tartan Magic” trilogy, twins Jennifer and Peter squeeze one more creepy, magical adventure into the first week of a family vacation in Scotland. This time Peter foolishly invites the magic to find them, and the magical dog they met in The Wizard’s Map leads them into the middle of a ghostly love story. Before you can say “By my fegs!” Peter is possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century minister.

Andrew McFadden’s selfish meddling in affairs of the heart led to his twin sister’s early death. Even in the afterlife, old Andrew refuses to let the ghosts of his sister and her bagpipe-playing lover settle down in happiness. Jennifer and her witchy Gran know that they must somehow settle this family feud, and soon, if they ever want their own Peter back.

With a chilling yet romantic twist on the legend of the “lady in white,” this book ties up a lot of Scottish folklore and magic into a package young American readers can open and enjoy. Plus, it has a glossary that will help them live their fantasy of talking like a Scotsman. Complete in three slender, quickly-read books, this trilogy about magic in the land of Hogwarts should bring joy to many younger Harry Potter fans.