Book Review: “The Magical Monarch of Mo” by L. Frank Baum

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The Magical Monarch of Mo
by L. Frank Baum

This is a series of enchanting, humorous fairy-tale stories by the creator of The Wizard of Oz. Arising from an mind that I would call “Lewis Carroll sprung from American soil,” these 14 “surprises” about the Land of Mo will delight you. It’s about a land where absolutely everything grows on trees, especially sweets. A land where dogs talk, where once you lose your temper you have to find it again, where you can have a new head made to replace your old one if it happens to get cut off, and in which an enterprising princess can outwit the wicked wizard who abducts her. (Note the sign on the wizard’s office door: “Office Hours: from 10:45 until a quarter to 11.”) These are truly “surprises” to delight young heads and hearts.