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We recently announced a giveaway of Israel Grey’s Dark & Day series, where you can win one of 34 prize packs, including the grand prize of an autographed copy of the complete Dark & Day set!  Now the author tells us more about the Dark & Day series and its place in the realm of sci-fi and fantasy.

There once was boy who lived, but just barely.

He was born into a world full of danger, thrust into the middle of a war he didn’t understand. They always said it was a matter of good versus evil[, t]hat those who would harm them were mad for power[, t]hat they lusted for forbidden power to rid the world of our kind. Immortality. Arcane magic. The power to control the sun itself. One wake, maybe soon, the wizards would come and burn their world to ash.

Or so Jonothon Wyer was always told…

Just like the young Harry Potter before he received his first letter to attend Hogwarts, we too are all born into a world that has been building up a long history of prejudices, prophecies, and threats. Eleven-year-olds around the world may not fully grasp the influence that Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, Alan Turing’s Enigma machine, or the Council of Nicaea have on their lives, but that impact is true and unavoidable. The terrorists, demagogues, and even heroes of our own world are forged under the momentum of history. That is the story we are born into and must discover its truths for ourselves.

I believe that through fiction, we are able to explore complex concepts that surround us. From the question of What makes a person turn to evil acts?” to How do we make the world better, when we all believe in different things?” I wanted to explore the questions that resonate in every human being while celebrating the wonder, adventure, and magic of all the fantasy and science fiction worlds that I grew up loving.

Dark & Day is a series about growing up in a world torn between technology and magic! The lands are split between more than a perpetual night and day. Their cultures are vastly different, with the Dark taking many stylistic cues from science fiction adventures like Star Wars, Ender’s Game, and Mass Effect and the Day being influenced by works like the Chronicles of Narnia, Final Fantasy, and the Lord of the Rings.

What do you believe in?

The world we live in is filled with the stories we are told… and those we tell ourselves. Jonothon Wyer, “Jono” to his friends if he had any, is a sickly boy raised in the mechanix-filled Dark End to fear the magic-wielding folk across the Dawn border in the Day. His elementary school drills them in preparation for that fateful wake when those untrustworthy villains will strike down with dragon’s fire and deadly spells. Born with a weak heart and lungs, Jono’s only hope at a long life is to join the Empress’s army of bionetically empowered soldiers to defend the Dark.

But on one fateful wake, Jono uncovers an ancient relic that is prophesied to control the power of the sun itself! Both Ends of the Earth clamor to seize its power, and as the danger descends from all sides, Jono is shocked to discover that one of his most trusted family friends is none other than a wizard!

Jono is thrust into the middle of a world-traveling adventure, where mystical beasts, fantastic powers, and untold danger lurk in every corner.

What is he to believe in when everyone else is so convinced that they know the truth? Which side do you choose? The one you were born to? Or the one that begs you to reconsider? Or is there another way besides a world of black and white…?

The Best of Fantasy and Sci-fi

Stories are best when they explore ideas that inform us about our own world. It could be the prejudices against Mudbloods or the subjugation of house-elves, but it asks questions that matter to us all and has something to say about the topics of our time.

It also has to be a great read! 


MuggleNet’s Courtney called Dark & Day a beautiful story” that is like the magical and Muggle world in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy” [and said t]hat the trilogy is thrilling in action and thorough in character development and has an alluring world full of intrigue.”

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-Jake Israel Grey

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