Book Review: “Lois Lane: Triple Threat” by Gwenda Bond

Lois Lane is back! It’s been a few months since Lois has broken a big story for the Daily Scoop, and – despite how well things are going with her mysterious online boyfriend SmallvilleGuy – she’s beginning to get a little restless. When teenagers with superpowers start popping up across Metropolis, Lois knows she’s got her next big scoop. If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she soon learns that SmallvilleGuy is coming to town, which means that she’s finally going to meet him in person.

The third installment of Gwenda Bond’s teenage Lois Lane series is a delightful addition to her ongoing arc – what I’ve always liked best about these books is how they continue the tradition of badass teen girl sleuths, and this one might be the most Veronica Mars–esque of them all. Buckle in!

So far, the stakes for Lois’s mysteries have been relatively low; for the most part, things are always back to normal by the time the last chapter ends. While Triple Threat doesn’t deviate too far from that formula, Bond is beginning to draw together more and more threads of a larger and more sinister plot. Lois’s actions have consequences, and someone out there is watching her very closely indeed.

Of course, the most “squee!” part of the whole book is that Lois finally gets to meet SmallvilleGuy and learn his real name – Clark Kent, as if we hadn’t figured that out by now. The more Super parts of his personality are still tightly under wraps, but I’m betting it won’t be long until Lois uncovers all of Clark’s secrets. I was also delightfully surprised by the appearance of another canonical Superman character, but I won’t tell you who… Let’s just say I’m excited to see where the series goes now that we’ve got not just one but THREE beloved DC characters to watch navigate the trials of high school and supervillains. Bring on more Lois!

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A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.