Book review: “The Witch Family” by Eleanor Estes

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The Witch Family
by Eleanor Estes

From the author of The Moffats and Ginger Pye, here is a very cute little story about two little girls, Amy and Clarissa, best friends, who sit and color stories Amy’s mother tells them about the wicked Old Witch who lives on the Glass Hill. Amy has banished Old Witch to this desolate spot as punishment for doing evil things like eating little bunny rabbits, and Old Witch has to “be good” until Halloween if she wants to lead the “hurly burly” at that time. But Amy feels guilty about this and decides to color some company into Old Witch’s dull life, thus creating Little Witch Girl and Weeny Witchie Baby, plus a Little Mermaid Girl and a Weeny Mermaid Baby too. But of course, in her imagination at least, Amy herself gets swept into the world of Old Witch on a couple of hair-raising occasions. It’s basically a gentle, sweet, funny story about a 7-year-old girl’s world of imagination.