Movie review: “A Promise”

A Promise was by far the most beautiful film of the Toronto International Film festival that we had the pleasure of seeing. It revolved around a love triangle between a sickly factory owner (Alan Rickman), his young protege (Richard Madden), and his young wife (Rebecca Hall). The two young lovers pledge to be together no matter what, and are separated by war and distance. Eventually they come together, leaving the audience with a satisfied smile.

The music was definitely our favourite part; it was composed by Gabriel Yared and was the epitome of classic romance.

The chemistry between Madden and Hall kept us on the edge of our seats, and when they finally kissed, the entire audience exploded.

Alan Rickman definitely surprised us with his great comedic timing that we don’t get to see too often in his dramatic films. He was the perfect choice for a brusque but lovably oblivious rich factory owner, and his scenes always entailed comic relief. Richard Madden, who you may know as Robb Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones, was also a surprise: clean-shaven and blue eyes you can’t look away from, Madden exceeds expectation through a brilliant star-crossed lover performance. Rebecca Hall has us all rooting for her through her long absence from love, and was the essence of the perfect 1900’s lady.

The costumes were spectacular, and the locations were stunning. We left in such an awe of romantic beauty, and spent the night trying to find more information about the film. It’s definitely a must see for those hopeless romantics out there, or even those who just enjoy a brilliant score!

RATING: 5 Richard Madden glances out of 5 Richard Madden glances

Guest Bloggers are Laura Nicolucci and Alex Brown from the Late Night Low Down – watch their video review below!