Movie review: “About Time” starring Domhnall Gleeson & Bill Nighy

Film directed and written by Richard Curtis

From the previews, About Time looks like nothing more than a standard romantic comedy with the obvious obstacles – young love, meeting the parents of the one you love, overcoming embarrassing moments when your significant other meets your friends who have no filter…

About Time is so much more than a romantic comedy. In his first romantic lead role, Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley in Harry Potter) charms the audience with his awkward portrayal of Tim, a pale, ginger-haired young man just waiting for his life to start. When Tim turns 21, his father reveals a secret about the male members of their family, passed down through generations: they can travel through time. Immediately, one begins to think about all that we could do if we had such a power – what would you change about your life if you could? Tim is no exception. He uses his new power to erase his responses to various moments in his life, allowing himself to not only take back the moments that seem to be the most embarrassing, but to also give himself the boldness to react the way he wants to without fear. Unafraid, Tim seeks out opportunities in his life that he might otherwise not have experienced – taking a chance on love, altering history for his loved ones in order to turn negative experiences into positive ones, and along the way he discovers what is truly important in his life.

The entire cast is truly enjoyable – Bill Nighy is always a delight to watch and his role in this film is what grounds the entire premise of the film. The chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Domhnall will give hope to nerdy gingers the world over. I would not be surprised if this movie launches Domhnall permanently into the role of a romantic lead – he comes across as relatable and completely adorable, and I’m not just saying that because I have a thing for gingers.

The guy can act! On a small side note for the Harry Potter fans, Richard Griffiths appears in an uncredited role in the film, one of his last roles before he passed away last March. Now, I can’t go into any more detail about the film itself without spoiling the movie for you, so I won’t. What I will say however, is that the movie is funny, quirky, and deeply emotional. This is a movie, literally and figuratively, about time. It reminds us all that time is fleeting and to make the most of it, even those who secretly have the power to time travel. Most of all, Tim and his time-traveling father reveal to us the ultimate secret to a happy life.

You’ll have to watch the movie to learn what the secret is! Go out and see it today!

Guest blogger is Aimee Krenz, MuggleNet Journalist