Book Review: “The Taking” by Kimberly Derting

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The Taking  is the first book in a sure-to-be epic new series by Kimberly Derting. I’m a big fan of Derting’s Body Finder series, so I had complete confidence that The Taking  would be a great and organic story. Which it was! Derting really excels at creating meaty characters and engaging story-lines.

After fighting with her father during the ride home from a softball game, Kyra jumps out of the car and attempts to contact her boyfriend for a lift. A sudden, blinding light appears that instantly disorients Kyra. She blacks out. When Kyra finally awakes, to her, it feels like 5 minutes have passed. In reality it’s been 5 years.

Nothing is familiar to Kyra. Her boyfriend is now 21, at college and in a relationship with someone else. Kyra’s home-life is also especially different. There’s been a lot (emphasis on A LOT) of changes. It’s very hard for Kyra to grasp her new reality.

She’s confused. No one knows where she went because she has no memory and there’s no evidence. Tests show that Kyra is physically the same as she was when she was 16. It appears as though she hasn’t aged. She’s also having trouble connecting to anyone. She doesn’t know how to live in this new life, especially since everyone is 5 years older, wiser and more experienced than her.

This book was eerie. Strange events keep happening. Besides a body that doesn’t appear to age, Kyra is exhibiting other strange… behaviors. There’s two new men that keep appearing. One doesn’t seem to be watching Kyra, just suspiciously showing up all the time. Another is from the NSA and asking Kyra multiple weird questions. They both unnerve Kyra.

The Taking  was an original and addicting story. I needed to know what happened to Kyra. The closer she got to a semi-normal, and more importantly enjoyable life, the more strange things began to occur. You feel like a bomb is going to drop any moment.

The Taking  also has a killer ending – a big finale and epilogue – that has you eager for the next book.

This book was excellent! I highly recommend this book – buy it now!
This book was excellent! I highly recommend this book – buy it now!

An ARC of this book was provided by HarperTeen in exchange for a honest review.