Audiobook Review: “Cornerstone Run” Trilogy By Kelly Meade

The Cornerstone Run trilogy was a beautiful story of romance in the form of a paranormal world. Kelly Meade wrote a gorgeous tale about a family called the McQueens, and their struggle against a foe that is impossible to defeat, while falling in love along the way. When I started the audiobook I was a bit skepitcal if I would become immersed in the world of Cornerstone Run, but it turned out to be a story I had to keep listening to. I was drawn in to the lives of the McQueens, and interested in the foe that they all faced.

Through the trilogy, Black Rook, Gray Bishop, and White Knight; the three brothers Rook, Bishop, and Knight face challenges while the story shifts into each of their perspectives. In the universe of Cornerstone Run, the McQueens are part of a group called “loup garou”, which are a type of shape-shifting werewolves. Along the way in the novels I came across “magi” which are a type of wizard, and blatant “vampires”, whom turned out to be the biggest foe of all.

Without spoiling the plot of the three stories, I can say it’s an engulfing tale that makes the reader continuously want to know what’s going to happen. You feel a connection with the characters as they face turmoil and trials. I would highly recommend this read to any adult bookworm who loves a provocative tale of survival, love, and protecting your family no matter the costs.

Recommended reading age: 18+ due to explicit sexual themes.

A copy of this book was provided by Audible for review.