Book Review: “The Art of Regular Show” by Shannon O’Leary

Immerse yourself into the world of Mordecai and Rigby with Shannon O’Leary’s The Art of Regular Show! This book explores the humble beginnings, unused artwork, and commentary from those involved with this world which will surely thrill any fan of the show! J.G. Quintel, the creator and voice of Mordecai, adds a lot of trivia and insight behind the inspiration for what he says “[is] called Regular Show for a reason”. Sketches, character development, even stills from the show can be expected from this jolly good show- er, book!


The book explores the pilot and the actual (uncomfortable) chair that was given as a gift to J.G. Quintel. A picture of the real-life chair is included in the book, along with original sketches and the storyboard from the pilot.

This episode won an Emmy!
This episode won an Emmy!

The book continues with early character sketches and explanations of how certain episodes came to be. Similar to a lot of situations in J.G. Quintel’s life, the episode entitled “Eggscellent” was inspired by a real-life place and experience: “There was this restaurant in San Diego…called Broken Yolk. They had this challenge where if you could eat a twelve-egg omelet in an hour, it would be free! And you’d get a hat!’

Naturally, The Christmas Special gets its own chapter, as it is such a memorable episode with a new twist on the classic man in red. Mike Roth, artist for Regular Show says in the book, “We came up with Santa in a ponytail and a trenchcoat and combat boots and we were like, ‘THAT’S a Regular Show Santa! That’s perfect!’ He’s a real tough dude!” The chapter even includes an excerpt from J.G. Quintel explaining a hilarious misspelling for the episode!

I really wanted to keep it vague. It could be now, or it could be ten years ago.
“I really wanted to keep it vague. It could be now, or it could be ten years ago.”

As it is often noted, a LOT of eighties technology is used in Regular Show, which is a topic they explore in one of the chapters. Sketches of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats provide names, functions, and even what inspired certain shapes and forms on the figures.

This book is full of so much new information and awesome sketches, it would be a disservice to spoil everything! However, let it be said that it does include instructions on how to draw the many characters from this unique series. If the stunning, textured cover alone doesn’t draw you in (no pun intended), then the artwork inside will. With 157 pages, it can keep you captivated by this world much longer than a few episodes of the show. In order to experience the book yourself, be sure to grab a copy today!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.