Audiobook Review: “The Wedding Wager” By Regina Duke

Regina Duke’s novel, The Wedding Wager is a beautiful book that caught me by surprise with how enchanting it is. Starting out as a normal novel without a clear theme, it blossoms into an uncanny romance between a man who needs help with a personal goal, and a woman who is recovering from an unexpected car accident.

Without giving any spoilers away, Kevin Wake is a young gentlemen in his mid 20s who has been trying to make a life of his own without his parents getting involved. Though he comes from a wealthy family, Kevin prefers to earn his money the way “normal” people do, with hard work. Even though he’s distanced himself from his family, they require his help when his father, a wealthy man from Wall Street, tries to steal their property.

The help that his family requires is for him to get married by his 25th birthday, which happens to be roughly a week away. This is where the lead female, Megan Mully comes in, and agrees to marry Kevin on the premise that it’s a contract and “business transaction” instead of love. After a a car accident and six months recovering in hospital, Megan has a huge amount of medical bills that have accrued and wants to pay them off and get out of debt.

After enjoying this novel, I did a bit of research on Regina Duke and found that she wrote an entire series based on the theme of this story, including a total of five books. The official series is called the Colorado Billionaires, and I can’t wait to begin reading the additional novels.

If you’re a hopeless romantic and love a bit of tension between characters, this novel and other books written by Regina Duke would be perfect for you. A full list of her Colorado Billionaire books can be found on Goodreads.

Recommended reading age: 14+ due to suggestive themes.

An audio copy of this book was provided by Audible for review.