Book Review: “A Covert Alliance” (“Order of the MoonStone” #3.5) by J.C. Morrows

Accio Book!

Today, the next installment of the Order of the MoonStone series was released. In the first book, A Reluctant Assassin, we met Kayden — Morrows’s Cinderella assassin. Since then, we’ve had two more books and four shorts, A Covert Alliance being the latest.

WARNING: Spoilers from this point on if you have not read the previous books!

A Covert Alliance is the short between Book 2 and Book 3. In this story, we get a “covert” look into the nuptials of Kayden and Dvarius. It is an intimate and beautiful moment — a calm in the midst of the storm. These shorts by Morrows are quick, easy reads to keep fans going between books. They are like having a nice visit with our favorite characters before the storm returns and we’re on the run with them again.

If you’re taking a moment to soak in some summer sun or are stuck inside during a summer shower, take some time to attend Kayden and Dvarius’s wedding!