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Book Review: Harry Potter à l’Ecole des Sorciers by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter à l'ecole des sorciers

I’ve had a French copy of the first four Harry Potter books sitting on my shelf for about seven years now and roughly three years ago, I completed the set by adding Books 5 through 7 to the collection. And ever since, slowly collecting dust on the shelf, there they sat. I’ve been studying French since my freshmen year of high school and continued studying it all throughout college and even later when I took ... Read More »

Interview with JR Han

teen reading

According to some studies, reading rates among young people is down. However, publisher JR Han plans to engage kids with a new series of books combining Asian mythology and the modern form of the graphic novel. I interviewed JR to find out more about his graphic novels. Why is it valuable/important for teens to read? Comics are a new format invented in 20th century. Comic books are beloved by most generations thanks to the artistic ... Read More »

Book Review: Honor & Innocence by Glen Thomas Hierlmeier

Honor & Innocence

Honor & Innocence Against the Tides of War by Glen Thomas Hierlmeier If the History Channel were to make an original movie based on the events of World War II à la Pearl Harbor, you’d have Glen Thomas Hierlmeier’s Honor & Innocence Against the Tides of War. The novel follows Hank, a young American soldier tasked with taking a group of German interns back to Germany shortly in the summer of 1945. Although unhappy to ... Read More »