Pottermore Moments Revisited: Unhelpful Centaurs

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As we near the end of the first book, Harry and his friends will need all of their skills to make it through the enchantments guarding the Stone. I, and other Pottermore users, breeze by. Read More »

Harry Potter, Sam Malone, Gaston, and the Male Ego


The "friend zone" and "male ego" are common in literature, television, and film, depicting men as the ones in control of relationships and courtship. Does Harry himself have a case of the male ego? Read More »

Twleve Alternative Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches


Ron's book couldn't do Harry justice! Check out these alternative ways to guide you as you attempt to charm a witch. It's harder than it looks; witches are exceptionally bright and clever. They don't fall for tricks easily. Read More »

Harry’s Influence in the Muggle World


It’s funny how McGonagall’s prediction in 'Philosopher’s Stone' when just a few hundred people were aware of Harry’s existence became real in the 17 years after its publication. Everyone knows about the bespectacled wizard, his influence expands all over the world. Here’s a compilation of some of the areas Potter has influenced over the years. Read More »

If Pictures Could Move

moving pictures

I’ve always thought the moving pictures of the wizarding world are one of the most interesting differences between Muggle and Wizard lives. When you think about it, we take pictures to capture a moment in time. Even our moving pictures taken on film or SD card have limitations. They are still a specific moment and the people within them can’t branch out of what has been recorded. Read More »

WOULD YOU RATHER…Be Best Friends with Ron or Fred & George? Tell Us Your Choice Using #MNWYR

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Before you answer consider the options… Read More »

Pottermore Moments Revisited: The Pieces Fall Into Place

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In this installment, the pieces of Harry's first mystery at Hogwarts start to fall into place, Hagrid has a dream come true, and I admit to one of my pet peeves. Read More »

Comics Review – Spike: Into the Light

Spike: Into the Light

Fans of the Buffyverse will remember Spike, AKA William the Bloody, as one of the biggest villains and eventually heroes of the Buffy television show. Dark Horse Comics now brings us a new way to follow Spike’s adventures with his very own series of comics. Set in season 7 of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, we find Spike reeling from his last encounter with Buffy Summers that sent him on a quest to have his soul returned to his body. Read More »

Robbie Reviews “The Enchantress Returns” by Chris Colfer


Collection spells are not just for debt collectors who want to put the hoodoo on a delinquent customer. In Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series, they are the framework for a quest-like adventure through a magic world teeming with fairy-tale heroes and villains. The first book, The Wishing Spell, was all about a shopping list of magical items that twins Alex and Conner Bailey needed to assemble in order to get home to the “Other ... Read More »

In Defense of Cho


We all remember Cho Chang as Harry's notorious crush during his early teenage years, but does Cho Chang have more relevance to Harry's future than we may have initially thought? Read More »